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Applying for PR (permanent residency) in Australia and Canada

If you are applying for a PR (permanent residency) in Australia, it is required that you as an applicant meet the points-based system of that country.

Most PR aspirants of Australia obtain visas through the General Skilled Migration Programme or by getting visas which are sponsored by their Australian employers.

To be eligible for a work visa in Oz, it is recommended that people have their occupations listed on the SOL (Skilled Occupation List). In addition, they would need take an IELTS or PTE exam to prove that they are proficient in English. Moreover, they should provide conduct and health certificates.

The advantages of living in Australia are that people can enjoy a good quality of life, great infrastructure, quality education for children, public health programs and so on. Another major advantage is that this country has a low population. They country is truly multi-cultural – as in people from China, India, the Philippines, the UK and other countries have made it their home. Lots of opportunities are available here for CAs, IT professionals, engineers and others in specialized occupations. With dependent visas, people can take their families and settle in Australia.

The large metropolitan agglomerations of ‘Land down Under’ are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Visas to this country are issued by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), a government of Australia entity.

As of now, one of the easiest countries to apply for permanent residency is Canada. It welcomes foreigners wholeheartedly as there are skill shortages in various sectors and the working population is aging fast. It offers though its Express Entry system visas for students, skilled workers, business persons and investors.

Canada reportedly offers permanent residency to more 250,000 people each year. It is increasingly attracting IT professionals, engineers and others in niche occupations. To enter Canada, applicants must get a good score in English language exams such as IELTS, PTE or TOEFL – tests that demonstrate written and spoken English skills.

It offers a great quality of life, good schools for children, nice health care facilities and attractive compensations for professionals. A lot of Asians and European nationals have relocated to this country to improve their standard of living. Moreover, this North American country allows people to be accompanied by their families on dependent visas. Besides, each province in Canada such as Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and others have their own programs for attracting migrants. Moreover, Quebec encourages French-speaking people to settle in its territory. For more information on immigration to Canada, check the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) website.

The large cities of Canada, which attract migrants, are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc.




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