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Germany Investor Visa

Any applicant wishing to qualify for the German Investor Visa Program and the resulting residency permit must have the financial means to be able to invest a minimum amount of €1 million into either establishing a new a German business or taking over a business that is already established.

Either option must employ at least 10 German citizens, either by creating new jobs or maintaining the jobs of individuals already employed in a business. Once the new business is established – or ownership of the established business is completed – the applicant and their family members are eligible to receive their German residency permits.

After five years of German residency (during which time applicants are required to become fluent in the German language and also knowledgeable of the German legal system and culture) permanent German residency can be applied for. After one year of German permanent residency, an applicant can then apply for full German citizenship.

German Investor Visa Program Requirements and Benefits

  • An applicant must have a valid passport, authorized birth and marriage certificates, and an authorized letter detailing their intent to reside in Germany
  • An applicant must have a valid medical and health insurance policy
  • An applicant must provide authorized proof that they have sufficient means to support themselves (and their families) while living in Germany
  • An applicant must invest a minimum of €1 million into establishing a new German business or purchase an established German business for a minimum of €1 million
  • An applicant must either create new jobs for ten German citizens or maintain the employment for ten German workers. Both options must be maintained for a minimum of five years
  • The German Investor Visa Program includes an applicant’s family members
  • The German Investor Visa residency permit gives the holder full and unrestricted access to the EU Schengen Zone
  • After five years, an applicant can apply for permanent German residency
  • After one year of permanent residency an applicant can apply for full German citizenship and passport
  • The German passport is currently the most powerful in the world, with visa-free access to 177 countries
  • Germany is the largest economy and most influential nation in Europe, and the fourth largest economy in the world, so becoming a German citizen grants an individual a high level of respect




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