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Dependant visas: who is eligible?

People who hold a valid visa of a particular country can bring their spouse/children to join them on dependant visas and can stay for as long as the primary applicants’ visas are valid.

Dependant visas are of two types: (Temporary and Permanent)

  1. People holding temporary visas could be students or working professionals who have gone abroad for a short term.
  2. People holding permanent visas are those who have gained permanent residency or citizenship of the country they relocated to.

Temporary dependant visa holders should also be able to convince the immigration officials of the country they are going to that they would not stay beyond the validity period of their visas. People holding dependant visas are also not allowed to work full time.

In order to be eligible for a dependant visa, the applicants would need to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Spouses/partners/children must show documentary proof of their relationship with the primary visa holders.
  2. They should also demonstrate that primary visa applicant holders are the only ones they depend on for financial support.
  3. They also should also provide proof that the primary applicants have adequate funds to support them or that they have sufficient funds to support themselves for their entire stay, during which time they would not be accessing public funds.




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